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Check out Jill and Wesker in Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D

Official site gets a huge refresh with the latest details on the first 3DS Resident Evil.


Capcom redid the Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D official site today, with a new layout and new sections covering characters and gameplay systems.

First, take a look at Jill and Wesker. These two were shown in magazines earlier in the week, but now everyone can see them in action.

The site also has a few gameplay details detailing covering the game's "Duo Mode" and some of the neat features the 3DS hardware provides.

Regarding the 3DS features, the game makes use of the system's dual screens as follows. The top screen shows your score (upper left), time limit (top), and bullet count and item (lower right). You can increase your time limit by collecting time bonus items and defeating enemies.

The lower screen shows a mini map, your weapons and your items. You can slide the stylus across the mini map to control the camera, and tap the icons to swap out weapons and accessories.

The d-pad can also be used to change weapons quickly. It's also used for special character-specific actions.

Duo mode is a two player co-op mode where you and a friend work together to clear missions. You can select between local play and internet play. The official site lists the game as being single player, but supporting two players during co-op play.

In both single and co-op play, when you life drops to 0, you enter a state of "dying." Your "dying gauge" will begin to deplete with time. When it reaches 0, the mission ends. During single player play, you can tap Y repeatedly to recover. In co-op mode, you can recover from dying if your partner character performs a saving action on you (shown with Jill and Wesker below).

As announced earlier this week, The Mercenaries 3D is due for release on June 2, priced ¥4,800.

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