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Square Enix Music Opens Teaser Site

New soundtrack may be on the way. Moonsquiggle readers help!


Do you read Moonsquiggles? Then see if you can read this:

That's the message that appears at the mysterious new site that Square Enix Music opened today.

Here's one hint. The following text is known to read (in Japanese) "だいじょうぶだ、もんだいない" or something like "It's okay, no problem."

According to Famitsu.com, the text at the site is meant to say something about a soundtrack having been finalized for release. Details will be announced on April 1.

There's music in the site's background, so perhaps some Square Enix fans can recognize what this is all about?

Update Two Minutes Later

Guess whose face appears when you open up the site's source code:

Yes, it's Enoch from El Shaddai! The "It's okay, no problem" text is actually a meme associated with the game. This does appear to be a page for an El Shaddai soundtrack.

(Also telling is that "El Shaddai Soundtrack" appears in the Meta tags.)

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