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River City Ransom 2 Confirmed for Wii

Miracle Kidz reveals download WiiWare release for long awaited sequel.


Miracle Kidz shared a brief update on River City Ransom 2 today. Actually, there's just one new bit: the game's platform.

The long awaited sequel to the NES/Famicom classic was first announced last week for both PC and an undisclosed console. Today, Miracle Kidz revealed the console to be Wii. The game will be released as a WiiWare download title this summer.

The PC version is due for release in 2012 as an "online title."

The update on River City Ransom 2, known as Doutown Nekketsu Monogatari 2 in Japanese, came as part of a larger update on Downtown Nekketsu Dodgeball, which is due for WiiWare release in May. No further details on River City Ransom 2 were provided.

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