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PSP Steins;Gate Comes With Lab Coat and Slippers

5pb. comes up with some unusual goodies for the PSP port's limited edition.


The PSP version of Steins;Gate has a limited edition <-- Normal.

The limited edition includes a lab coat and a pair of slippers <-- Not Normal.

Both items display the name of the game's "Mirai Gadget Kenkyusho" (Future Gadget Research Facility) setting. The lab coat is 120cm in height. The slippers are 27cm.

You can dress the part as you play the game for just ¥8,190. For those who don't particularly care to fully dive into the game experience (or maybe those who already made their own lab coat and slippers), a standard ¥6,090 edition is also set for release.

The PSP version of Steins;Gate is due on June 23.

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