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First Look: Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime 3DS

Face off against pirates on the high sea in a custom made pirate ship.


Following the usual Weekly Shounen Jump reveal, Square Enix has provided a first look at Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3, the new 3DS entry in the series that's known in Japanese as Slime More Mori Dragon Quest.

As previously detailed, Rocket Slime 3 is set on the high seas and has you travel about the world on a ship that you customize with parts acquired on your travels. As you journey about, you'll face off against pirates in sea-based battles. You goal during these battles is to fire items through canons and sink the enemy ship.

Square Enix will be teaming up with Weekly Shounen Jump sister publication V Jump for a campaign to promote the game. V Jump's readers will be able to design a pirate ship which could appear in the game. Details can be found in the May issue of V Jump, which is currently available.

Rocket Slime 3 is due for release this Winter.

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