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Disaster Report Series Production Halted

Prepare to pay hefty auction prices if you want to play the classic disaster series.


Disaster Report 4's postponement was widely expected following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but Irem did something few had expected: they outright cancelled the game.

It turns out the company's response may have been even more extreme. Retailer Famicom Plaza reveals that Irem has has halted future production on all previous entries in the series. This includes the first two PlayStation 2 titles and the PSP title.

According to Famicom Plaza, interest in the previous entries has shot up since Disaster Report 4's cancelation was announced. As Game Jouhou notes, you can see the effect at Amazon Marketplace, which has new copies of the original (non budget) versions of past titles priced respectively ¥12,800 (DR1), ¥7,000 (DR2) and ¥8,700 (DR3).

Disaster Report 3 and 4. Part 3 was released on PSP. Party 4 has been cancelled.

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