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Inafune Press Conference Rescheduled For Next Week

Former Capcom head of development to speak about future plans in live broadcast event.


Following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, former Capcom development head Keiji Inafune postponed his "user press conference" event Donhan Inafune no Kanedobu Time!, which had been scheduled for March 15. Today, Inafune announced a new date. The event will take place on April 4.

The details remain mostly the same as when we first reported on the event. Inafune will speak about his future plans as part of a press conference that will be attended by fans in addition to press. The event will be held at Nihonbashi Cafest in Tokyo's Nihonbashi area, but interested parties can also view a live broadcast at Nico Nico.

Tune in to Nico Nico at 8:00 on April 4 to see Inafune speak about his future.

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