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Wii Movie Service Ending in October

Fujisoft puts an end to two-year-old WiiWare streaming service.


Fujisoft announced today that it will be ending its "Everyone's Theater Wii" video on demand service for Wii. The service will come to an end in October.

Everyone's Theater Wii was started on January 27, 2009. To use the service, Wii owners download a 500 WiiPoint WiiWare app. Content, including movies and anime, are streamed directly via the app. Pricing for streaming rentals ranges from 100 to 400 WiiPoints.

You can see pricing and service details here. Following the service's start, Fujisoft secured a variety of content, including anime, variety programs and dramas. Hollowood movies also became available in June of 2009.

Because of the impending cancelation, Fujisoft will stop selling the WiiWare app on April 30.

As reason for the suspension, Fujisoft said that the service had lost its uniqueness as users can now access video content through a variety of means, including PCs, smartphones and internet-enabled televisions.

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