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Tales of Xillia: Close Look at Elise and Tipo

The latest character and battle details for the next mothership Tales game.


We shared details on Tales of Xillia's Elise and Tipo characters a few weeks back. Today, Namco Bandai provided high res media for the two.

As previously detailed, Elise Lutus (voiced by Yuki Horinaka) is a 12-year-old spirit master. She always carries Tipo (voiced by Haruna Ikezawa), a 30 centimeter tall talking stuffed animal.

Tipo is part of Elise's battle arsenal. Elise has access to a special ability called "Switching Tipo." In a "Tipo On" state, Tipo stays on Elise's back and gives power to her magic while also firing magic from his wand. In a "Tipo Off" state, Tipo floats around Elise and does physical attacks against the enemy.

Main characters Jude and Milla, still being pursued be the army, will encounter Elise in a small village called Ha Mil. Poor Elise is being persecuted by the people of the village. She and Tipo will join Jude's party as they travel to a dark forest.

Joining this closeup look at Elise, Namco Bandai provided a look at some of the special moves your characters have when in Link Mode. As previously detailed, Link Mode is a state where your currently controlled character, referred to as "master," is connected with another party member, referred to as "partner."

When in Link Mode, partner characters have special support moves. For example, when Jude is your partner character, he'll make use of Restore to revive your HP if you fall. If Milla is your partner character, she'll make use of Bind on the enemy.

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