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Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Gets an Action Figure

Action Figure is 1/10 scale, has 250 moving parts and spouts random puns.


From Tango Gameworks comes the first in what will probably be a grueling full days of April Fool's Day jokes -- just in case you thought everyone would be suspending this year's pranks like Irem.

This Shinji Mikami Action Figure is 1/10 scale and has 250 moving parts and real shaving action. It comes with swappable parts. The head part isn'z zombie Mikami -- it's Mikami's work face.

Buy the limited edition for random puns including "This Armani suit cost an arm 'n a leg" and "If Shumacher had his own meal, you think he'd call it stewmacher?"

You'll find ordering instructions here.

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