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Closer Look at Capcom's Nazo Waku Yakata

There's more to Capcom's 3DS adventure title than just 3D positional sound! Meet the residents of the mansion, and find out how you'll control the action.


Capcom didn't share too many specifics on Nazo Waku Yakata when it announced the 3DS game a couple of weeks back. The specifics game today via a major update at the game's official site.

As previously detailed, Nazo Waku Yakata is an original 3DS adventure game that supports 3D sound technology. See our story archive for everything we know so far.

Outside of the 3D sound support, the game promises to be a showcase for the various 3DS input systems. You won't be using buttons or the d-pad. Everything is done through alternative control systems.

The touch screen is used to point at objects you'd like to investigate. While the environment is shown on the top screen, your stylus movements on the bottom screen control a cursor on the top screen.

The gyro sensor is used to look around the room by moving the system around.

The microphone is used for communicating with characters. Characters will respond with various reactions to what you say.

How you'll progress through the game isn't entirely clear at present. The game seems to offer a collection of short play experiences set in "rooms." The official site provides a look at three of these rooms.

The room to the left is the entry point to the mansion. The guy with the top hat serves as your guide to the mansion. Upon entering, you'll speak to him first.

The room in the middle is "Maid Cafe Nazowaku." The room's resident, a maid, will whisper things into your ear.

The room to the right is the "Cat Man's Room." The room's resident is so named because he likes cats. However, it looks like he's lost his cat somewhere in the mansion. You'll have to help him find it.

This unique 3DS title will see release this Summer.

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