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Taito is taking the Darius Burst Another Chronicle concept to the extreme with Darius Burst Another Chronicle 48. The original Another Chronicle featured a super wide screen -- basically the width of two 16x9 screens. Another Chronicle 48 features 48 screens, making its dimensions 384x9!

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The cabinet measures 19,290 x 1575 x 1885 mm and weights 4,080kg. Taito says that it's currently seeking a Guiness World Record for the screen width.

Forty-eight players can play Darius Burst Another Chronicle 48 together. Taito notes that, regardless of player, when your ship is destroyed, it will regenerate at the far left. The player in the far right seat will have to wait about a minute for his ship to arrive in his area of play.

That giant boss shown in the cabinet shot is "Unagi Fossil." It's meant to be 32 meters wide.

You'll find Darius Burst Another Chronicle 48 in arcades today (April 1).

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