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Over 400 Pokemon Featured in Pokemon Typing

Learn to type with Pikachu and crew, and get a free Bluetooth keyboard in the process!


Nintendo opened an official site today for Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS, a DS typing trainer that was first announced last year.

Pokemon Typing DS teaches you how to type with Pokemon and friends. The game features over 400 Pokemon and a few human characters.

The primary typing component involves typing the name of Pokemon as you encounter them in courses of play. In classic video game typing tutor fashion, you'll also encounter boss characters which will require more complex inputs.

Your goal in the game is to research Pokemon. Typing the Pokemon's name makes your character shout the name out and throw out your "Typing Ball" to gather info about the Pokemon. The information is added to a research notebook which you can view later.

The game includes over 60 courses, each with different gimmicks and Pokemon types. The courses correspond to the keys on a map that's shaped like a keyboard. You unlock new courses as you clear old ones.

You'll find old and new Pokemon, including the likes of Pikachu and Reshiram. It looks like Nintendo will be showing additional Pokemon at the official site.

Human characters include selectable "Boy" and Girl" main characters. Serving in support roles are Kii Aoba and Eiji Kiuchi. Kii is in the Typing Elite Club and will give you advice. Eiji is an expert on Pokemon and will help you in your research.

So how do you learn to type on a DS? With Nintendo's new Bluetooth keyboard, of course! Officially the "Nintendo Wireless Keyboard," this device measures 264 x 113 x 20mm and weighs 300g. It runs for 1,500 hours off two triple A batteries.

Due or release on April 21, the ¥5,800 Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS set includes a copy of the game, one keyboard, a "DS Compact Stand" for propping your DS up while you play, two triple A batteries, and a reference card which shows romaji conversions (that is, how Japanese characters are printed using roman characters -- all the actual typing is done with roman keys, as the keyboard does not have Japanese character inputs.)

Access the official site for screens and videos.

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