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Smash Bros. Creator Wants to Make an HD Game

Masahiro Sakurai plays Crysis 2 and exchanges Tweets with Team ICO master Fumito Ueda.

A late night session with Crysis 2 (shown above) gets Masahiro Sakurai and his followers talking about graphics.

Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has been playing Crysis 2, which saw Japanese PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release on April 1 (the PC version arrives on April 14).

Crysis is of course known for its high quality visuals, and Sakurai seems to be impressed with what he was seeing. Earlier today, he Tweeted "For today's HD games, is it no good if you can't make graphics of this level?"

This comment lead to some back and forth about graphics with some of his followers. One follower, saying that he believed Crysis 2 places importance on graphics over gameplay, suggested that it's okay if you just have "a certain level" of high quality graphics. Sakurai's response was that it's no good for a developer to stop at just "a certain level."

He also added that he doesn't feel the relationship between graphics and game enjoyment is one where reducing your effort in one area will necessarily lead to improvements in the other area. Although it is extremely difficult to excel in both areas making this a rare thing, he said.

To another follower, he said "I'd like to try HD at some point. I wonder if I'll get the opportunity?"

It's not HD, but Sakura's new take on Kid Icarus is one of the best looking 3DS games around.

Sakurai is a mutual follower of another major creator, Team ICO head Fumito Ueda. The two shared some comments on Crysis 2 and overseas games. Ueda noted that he's also playing Crysis 2 at present. To this, Sakuari said that he's glad he purchased the Japanese version of the game because the localization is well done. Ueda responded that Sakurai registered him as a friend so he can see Sakurai's play progress. Sakura responded that Ueda sometimes plays software that has yet to be released in Japan. Ueda explained that he sometimes gets samples from some nice people at Sony Computer Entertainment. Additionally, he sometimes manages to get his hands on development versions of overseas titles.

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