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Kinect Brain Training Game Getting Paid Download Content

Expansion pack adds new modes and exercises.


Namco Bandai's Ryuta Kawashima supervised brain training game for Kinect, Karada de Kotaeru Atarashii Nou Tore, will receive paid download content tomorrow (April 5). The download content pack adds new brain exercises and modes.

Two new types of new exercises are included. First up is Hit & Step, where you attempt to remember the order that panels light up, and then repeat the motions with your footwork. The other is Figure Addition. Here, you select images that, when combined, will match the image in the center of the screen.

The patch also adds a new mode called "Challenge the Limit." This is a survival mode where you continue answering questions until you miss an answer. The game's Two Player Battle mode is also being update with new levels for a couple of the exercises.

This expansion pack will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace at 400 Microsoft Points.

Accessing Xbox Live Marketplace directly from the game.

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