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Persona 2 Innocent Sin: Meet Wayland

Plus, sample the game's arranged and original soundtrack options at the official site.


A couple of weeks back, we wrote about Persona 2 Innocent Sin's "Persona Thief" quest. Mentioned in that article was a character named Haruo Wayland.

Here's some artwork that Atlus provided for the character today.

As detailed in our original story, Wayland is vocalist for "Inryoku Machine," a band at Karukozaka High School. You'll visit this school, which comes from Shin Megamitensei If, as part of the Persona Thief quest, which is one quest during the game's Theater Mode.

You'll find additional screens of the quest at the Persona 2 official site.

The site also has a sweet little feature for fans of Persona music. It was previously announced that the PSP remake will see the option for arranged or original music. You can sample the difference at the official site. Click between "1" and "2" on the BGM selector at the top right of the site to hear the difference.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.