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Famitsu has some big scoops this week. We'll soon be getting details on:

  • Monster Hunter Diary G (Capcom, PSP, Summer)
  • Tower of Pandora (Nintendo, Wii, 5/26)
  • Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross (Wii, Fall)
  • Angelique Maren Rokuskishi (Tecmo Koei, PSP, 2011)
  • Hakuouki Reimeiroku Portable (Idea Factory, PSP, July)

Monster Hunter Diary G is apparently 50% complete. For Pandora's Tower, first video footage popped up on the Everyone's Nintendo Channel this week (see here for the clip). An appearance in Famitsu pretty much guarantees that we'll get an official site update this week.

Famitsu also confirms a recent retail report that Electronic Arts is giving a Japanese release to the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. This is due for June 23.

Strangely, it looks like the magazine has taken a week off from reviews for the second week in a row. Wonder what's up...

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