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Cave's Shooting World Record Gets Air Time on Gamers TV

Three pretend celebrity sisters to mention bullet hell shooting feat.


You might have heard recently that Cave was given a Guinness World Record for having released the most bullet hell shooters in all of recorded human history. But if you didn't hear about it, you will soon! Cave announced today that the news is going to be taken up on an upcoming episode of Gamers TV: Yoasobi Sanshimai.

This late night variety show stars Yasuko Mitsuura, Natsuki Kato and Rina Koike. The three "sisters" (they're not actually sisters) engage in various corners surrounding games.

This week's episode, set to air April 7 from 24:43 to 25:13, will feature a mention of the record. It's unclear what form the mention will take, so interested parties should tune in to NTV late at night on the 7th.

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