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Classic Namco Characters Appear in New Strategy RPG for iMode


Namco Bandai is bringing classic Namco characters together for a new strategy RPG called "Namco Chronicle."

Namco Chronicle features characters like Gil from Tower of Druaga and Momo from Wonder Momo as heroes and heroines. You'll take control of these characters in grid-based strategy that plays out over three scenarios: Space Volume, City Volume and Fantasy Volume. The game promises a deep story, told through adventure parts that you follow between the strategy sequences.

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Character designs for this new crossover title are from Kouji Okada, who's known for Boogiepop but has also done work on games like DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu and Brave Fencer Musashiden. In addition to the classic Namco characters, Okada has made new characters for the game.

Namco Chronicle is available today for iMode cell phones (series 903i and up).

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