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Latest characters from Capcom's 3DS adventure game Nazo Waku Yakata


In Capcom's original 3DS adventure game Nazo Waku Yakata, players experience short play sessions in various rooms in a mansion. Each room is home to personable characters.

Our update from last week introduced the host, the maid and the cat man. Today, three new characters appeared at the game's official site.

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To the left is the "Clock Room." Your goal in this room is to make a scantily clad girl who's asleep on the couch wake up. You'll have to use gyro controls (where you move the 3DS around to control viewpoint) to search the room for items that you can use, and also call out to her.

In the middle is the "Yaminabe Room." Wikipedia tells me that "Yaminabe" is a sort of food game where everyone brings a secret ingredients for use in a making nabe (in my ten years in Japan, I thankfully not once experienced "secret ingredients" in any of my nabes... at least I don't think I did). The official site asks "What's in the nabe? The sound of eating the incredients is too real." I presume this means you're going to have to guess what the ingredients are based off the sound.

Finally, the image to to the right is from the Music Classroom. You'll apparently need to practice singing along with the piano. As with the Yaminabe room, just going by the official site description, it's unclear what form this mini game will take.

There are a couple of additional character slots at the official site. Capcom appears to be giving us weekly updates, so expect more character introductions next week.

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