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First Look: Monster Hunter Diary G

The cuteness just got out of hand.


Have a look at the first trailer for the latest Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Diary G:

First announced last month, Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne G is a sequel to a PSP Monster Hunter spinoff that sold over 500,000 copies last year. The spinoff lets players experience life as one of the game's cat-like Felyne characters.

The sequel will add elements from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, including new enemies like Jinouga and new facilities like the hot springs (although not the snowy mountain hot springs from MHP3rd, it seems). Improvements include a reformed method for showing time progress. Time will be shown as a clock now, and the skies will also get darker as time progresses.

In an interview with this week's Famitsu, producers Tatsuya Kitabayashi and Shintaro Kojima promised cuter Felynes this time. You can determine for yourself if they've succeeded.

New locations.

The "G" in the name is a common naming convention for the series. Past "G" games, like Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, have featured tough "G level" quests. Monster Hunter Diary G will also have G level quests. These will feature some new play elements.

Those who have the original Monster Hunter Diary will be able to import their save file. You'll want to hold on to that save file if you have it, as the game's new content can apparently only be accessed once you've progressed through a good amount of the original content.

Capcom also updated the game's official site with a few screens and some artwork. The site lists a Summer 2011 release time frame.

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