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Strip (vampire) Girls of Their Clothing in the Akiba's Trip Web Game

Sample the Strip Action component of Acquire's new Akihabara-based PSP game in advance!


You might have heard by now that your primary weapon against the vampires that stalk the streets of Akihabara in Acquire's Akiba's Trip is to strip them of their clothing, exposing them to the sun which causes a chemical reaction that makes them melt away. It's just a neat little bonus that the some of the vampires happen to be schoolgirls and office ladies.

Can't wait until May 19 to try out the game's strip action mechanics. No need to wait! There's now a web app for that! Access it at the game's official site, but please make sure you're not in public.

(Note: the girls in the web game aren't actually vampires. They're normal girls, but strip action instructor -- the silhouette girl -- tells you to attack them as if they were vampires.)

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