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PS3 Mamoru-kun sells well and is way cheaper to make Killzone 3 -- Gulti CEO


PlayStation 3 got a rare shooter last week through Cyber Front's Mamoru-kun is Cursed!. Developed by Gulti (who, according to their official site, is also responsible for "0 Day Attack on Earth" and "Unannounced Title" for Square Enix), Mamoru-kun is an overhead 2D shooter that made a rare trip from arcade to Xbox 360 to PlayStation 3 rather than the far more common route of Arcade to Xbox 360 to that's it.

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So how did PlayStation 3 owners react to an unfamiliar genre? Apparently quite well! In a Tweet earlier in the week, Gulti CEO Osamu Chadani said that the game is seeing sell outs.

In the same Tweet Chadani made a somewhat confusing comparison to Killzone 3, saying it cost 100 times more to make than Mamoru-kun. This may have been in response to people comparing Mamoru-kun with the first person shooter. A look at Amazon's PS3 shooting category, and you may see why such a silly comparison would be made. Mamoru-kun is surrounded by games like Call of Duty Black Ops, SOCOM 4, Crysis 2 and Homefront. (The Xbox 360 shooter category has just a bit more bullet hell).

Killzone (left) versus Mamoru-kun (right). They're both shooters.

Killzone comparisons aside, Chadani's claims to success appears to be at odds with Media Create's latest sales chart, which indicates that Mamoru-kun did not make it into the top 30. However, some have claimed that Media Create may be inaccurate for some games. For instance, Media Create reported sales of 6,000 units for Nippon Ichi's PSP title Classic Dungeon 2. At the same time, developer System Prism said that the game crossed the break even shipment mark. Earlier, Team Muramasa's Hajime Chikami responded to poor apparent sales of Xbox 360's Students of the Round by saying that Media Create doesn't include online sales sites like Amazon. Online retailers are apparently the main sales source for Xbox 360, with Amazon accounting for 50% of Students of the Round sales.

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