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AMZY's new DSi Ware action battle game Battle of Elemental has nothing to do with Sega's Virtual On series. But the gameplay certainly looks a bit like it!

Have a look here.

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In Battle of Elemental, you take control of one of four characters: Celsius, Farenheit, Mole and Biot. Facing off against another opponent in a one-on-one arena-based fight, you'll make use of normal attack, power attack and wide attack options, along with a shield for defense.

Modes of play include a one player arcade mode, a free battle mode where you set your character, the CPU's character an the stage, a wireless versus mode, and a training mode. The single player modes have easy, normal and hard difficulties. The wireless mode requires two copies of the game. The training mode lets you specify actions for the CPU to take.

AMZY has posted 60 frames per second character battle movies to the game's official site. More movies will be added in the coming days.

Look for Battle of Elemental at the DSi Shop on April 27, priced 500 Nintendo Points.

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