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Idea Factory: Girl Games For Japan, Boy Games For Overseas

Your favorite otome studio plans to keep overseas markets in mind when developing male-oriented PS3 titles.

IF's Haku Ouki series of Bakumatsu themed love adventure games has proven a big hit.

Gamers outside of Japan could be hearing about My Wife developer Idea Factory in the future. Inside Games got an interview with IF's development head Norihisa Kochiwa (that's him in the first image) and learned that the studio is conducting research into the overseas market for one of their specialties, female oriented "otome games."

But Idea Factory's international output could differ from its Japanese output. Said Kochiwa, "We plan on developing girls-oriented games primarily for the domestic market, but we'll be developing our male-oriented PS3 titles with overseas in mind."

Kochiwa also said that the company's focus will be on consumer platforms (that means consoles and portables) but that he'd like to be flexible and listen to what users want. Additionally, because this is the year that 3DS and NGP see release, he believes Idea Factory must conduct advance research into what kind of things can be done on these platforms.

Japanese readers should check out the Inside Games interview for a whole lot more, including comments from some CRI Middleware staff (Idea Factory makes heavy use of CRI's tools).

My Wife.

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