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Kinect Beaten by Move Beaten by Torne

Top secret sales data from Media Create.


Who says peripherals don't sell? Not Sony for sure! PlayStation 3's Torne DVR attachment sold 784,000 units last year (through January 2) according to data in a Media Create market report (passed along at this blog).

Torne was released in March of last year. The device connects to your PS3 to give the system digital video recording abilities with a speedy PS3-powered interface.

There were some early hints of success, with some news outlets reporting half a million units by October. Sony has been pushing the product heavily through advertisements, firmware updates and hardware bundles. The 784,000 figure includes bundle sales.

Of course, some may not consider Torne an actual peripheral as it doesn't really have much to do with games. Media Create also provided sales for two more traditional peripherals: Kinect and PlayStation Move. Kinect sold 90,000 units. Move sold 170,000 units. Both figures include bundles.

Media Create also reported sales of 97,442 units for Nintendo's red Mario 25th anniversary Wii system.

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