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Did you guess "Neptune II" when Compile Heart opened up that teaser site a few weeks back? Then you guessed wrong! The true identity of the mystery game is "Neptune mk-II."

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Compile Heart's teaser site. The new game is indeed a sequel to Neptune!

A few preliminary details on the sequel have leaked out from Dengeki PlayStation. As with the original, Neptune mk-II, fully "Choujigen Game Neptune mk-II," is in development for PlayStation 3. The scenario is being handled by Natsumi Iwasaki.

Characters introduced in Dengeki include:

  • Purple Sister, aka Nepgear
  • Black Sister, aka Uni
  • White Sister, aka Rom & Ram

With that "Gear" in the character's name, it looks like there will indeed be a portable theme.

The game is said to have improved graphics and a four party battle system.

Compile Heart is readying both standard (¥7,329) and limited (¥9,429) versions. We're seeing either an August or September release time period depending on the source, so we'll have to wait for verification on this area.

The teaser site countdown is scheduled to reach 0 some time on Thursday, so we should be getting a first official look shortly.

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