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Meet Atelier Meruru's Maid and Butler

Latest character and gameplay details on the next Atelier game surface in Dengeki PlayStation.

Totori and Meruru must have the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation!

The peculiar catch phrase for Atelier Meruru before it was known as Atelier Meruru was "Princess x Maid x Butler = Kingdom." Today, we found out what the "maid" and "butler" parts of that phrase mean.

This week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation introduces us to main character Meruru's maid and butler. Here are some preliminary details.

The Maid: Keina Sweya
Voiced by Kaori Sato. Meruru's friend since childhood. She's quoted in Dengeki as saying something about being happy only when she's with Meruru (I'd make some off color comment about this, but Meruru is only 15 so I won't). In battle, Keina lends her support by singing and swinging a giant hammer.
[dt]The Butler: Rufus Falken[/dt]
Voiced by Takehito Koyasu. An attractive, young butler who's strict with Meruru and does not show sympathy. He takes care of matters of both house and state.

The magazine also has some gameplay details:

We're going to have to wait for battle system details.

It looks like you may be able to take on quests not just surrounding item synthesis but helping people around town solve their problems as well.

As previously detailed, the game has a world building component. You'll be able to accumulate development points which can be used to build shops, forts and other structures.

Meruru has a rank for her world building skills. Increase this rank, and you'll be able to build things like theaters, markets and weapon shops.

The game also appears to have some sort of population element -- that is, you can make the popular of Arls Kingdom increase with your development efforts.

Incidentally, Meruru (full name Merurulince Rede Arls, blood type O, height 155cm) is the "princess" from that early catch phrase. If you're really feeling leader like, you'll apparently be able to erect bronze statues of Meruru.

Still no word on how Rorona got so young.

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