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Dead or Alive Dimensions Redated

Delayed 3DS fighter arrives in May, with download content being offered twice now.


It looks like today's the big day if you've been waiting for status updates on all those post-quake delayed 3DS games. Following Nintendo's announcement of a new Steel Diver date earlier in the day, Tecmo Koei announced a date for Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Originally scheduled for release on March 24, Dimensions will now arrive on May 19. Pricing remains unchanged at ¥5,800.

Going along with the delay, Tecmo Koei has thankfully pushed back the game's download content schedule. Thirty-four free costumes will be released through Spot Pass, one per day. The first costume will be offered on May 19, with one costume following every day through June 21.

For those who miss the initial download phase, Tecmo Koei will offer the downloads again from June 23 through July 26.

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