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Frank West Returns in Dead Rising 2 Off the Record

Relive the Fortune City incident through the eyes, and lens, of the original hero.


A new installment in the Dead Rising series is on the way, and Frank West is back in the lead role! Capcom announced Dead Rising 2 Off the Record today. This re-imagining of Dead Rising 2's Fortune City incident is due for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 release this Fall.

The original Dead Rising 2 starred newcomer Chuck Greene. Off the Record shifts the focus back to Frank West. You can hear Frank discuss the situation in this reveal trailer:

"People always ask, if you'd been there, what would you have done differently?" says Frank in the trailer. This seems to be the premise of Off the Record as players get to experience the Fortune City incident with Frank.

Off the Record will feature new environments, new enemies, and new combo weapons, items and vehicles. Frank will have his own story and unique missions. The camera system from the original Dead Rising will be returning, allowing players to earn PP (experience points) by taking pictures.

The game is also seeing a number of improvements over the original DR2, some in response to player requests. Load times are being improved. Players will also find check points from which you'll be able to replay. The zombies will also be even more densely packed this time around.

More mysteriously, there's some hint of a new mode which fans fans have been wanting since the original Dead Rising. This mode is supposedly the biggest addition for the game. Specifics were not provided.

In an interview with Famitsu.com, Jason Leigh, producer at Capcom Vancouver (which also developed Dead Rising 2 -- you might recall them by their former name as "Blue Castle Games") revealed that the game takes place in a parallel world to that of the original DR2. However, there are connections with the DR2 world, as indicated by the appearance of Chuck Green's daughter's bag in the trailer. Also, the basic premise of the original remains the same: players will be under a 72 hour time limit.

Capcom demoed the game for the press at last week's Captivate press event. You can read an in-depth report at 1up.com.

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