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Pandora's Tower Supports Classic Controller and Motion Controls

Swing your chain with the Wiimote, or just use buttons! The latest on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.


Retailers have shared a few additional details on Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower.

The game's control scheme was previously somewhat of a mystery as many assumed the game's chain mechanics meant motion controls. This actually is the case, but only optionally.

Main character Ende wields a chain as his primary means of attack. This special chain is capable of tearing the flesh of the beasts that he encounters, something he must do because Ceres, the game's heroine, requires beast flesh to survive a curse which is slowly turning her a beast, both physically and mentally.

As you make your way to the boss that awaits on the top floor of each of the game's thirteen towers, you can use the chain in the following ways:

  • Grab and pull flesh and items from beasts.
  • Restrain the beasts with the chain and then go in for the kill with another weapon.
  • Restrain one beast with the chain, then swing it around to strike other enemies.
  • Use the chain to latch on to walls and swing from location to location.
  • Use the chain to manipulate switches.

You can control the action either with the Wiimote and Nunchuck or with the Classic Controller. When using the Wiimote and Nunchuck combo, the Wiimote directly controls the chain, allowing you to feel like you're swinging a real chain apparently. The Classic Controller option allows for pure button-based play.

For those wondering about progression, the retail listing describes the game as an "exploration-style action RPG." This is causing some speculation that progression could be along the lines of Metroid or Castlevania rather than a linear romp through the towers. We'll have to wait for more details from Nintendo.

Pandora's Tower is due for Wii release on May 26. The game has a C rating from CERO.

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