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Senran Kagura Official Site Opens

Planner and Enormous Breast Producer Kenichiro Takaki explains himself in newly opened official blog.


Marvelous has opened an official site for Senran Kagura, the new 3DS title that promises side scrolling action, 3D boobies, and destructible clothes.

An official blog, known as "The I Love Breasts Nyu Nyu Blog," also opened for the game today. "Planner and Enormous Breast Producer" Kenichiro Takaki did not explain the official site's top image, but he did provide a few additional insights into the new game.

Takaki began thinking solidly about the project around April of last year. Within 30 seconds of deciding to make a 3DS game, he realized that what people want to see in 3D is breasts.

And so began the Senran Kagura design document. Takaki worked on the budget, created characters and the plot, decided upon the gameplay systems, met character designer Nan Yaegashi and scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima, and today the game was finally announced.

Takaki admitted that the game's "Enormous Breast Hyper Battle" genre may sound a bit strange. However, he promised not just sexy visual expressions, but simple and enjoyable action as well. He also said to expect previously unseen gameplay systems and hopes to receive such praise as "you're an idiot" when people are introduced to these.

Senran Kagura is due for 3DS release this Summer, priced ¥5,980. The "sexy and gorgeous" bonus promised in Famitsu is a visual book and soundtrack/drama CD set titled "The Girls' Secret File."

You can read all our Senran Kagura coverage, including character profiles and bust size information, here.

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