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First Look: Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes' New Chronicle Mode

Conquer Japan with a general of your choice.


What does the "Chronicle" in Sengoku Basara Chronicles Heroes stand for? The game's official site provided the answer today.

The PSP sequel to Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes has an all new mode called "Tenka Touitsu Senki," or "Tenka Touitsu War Chronicle." Tenka Touitsu is what's used to describe ruling over an entire land, and that's just what you do in the mode! Taking control of your favorite general, you battle to expand your territory and eventually rule over all of Japan.

You progress through this mode on a map of Japan. You can send out your armies to neighboring areas on the map. Once you've selected your next location, the battle begins.

Tenka Touitsu Senki mode will recreate scenes from all six Sengoku Basara games, including Sengoku Basara 3.

For more on Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes, visit the game's official site. The character section is slowly being updated with images of the 32 characters who will appear in the game.

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