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First Look: Senran Kagura

Metric system be damned, compare the bust sizes for yourself!


In our preview of Senran Kagura yesterday, did you have trouble getting a grasp of the girls' bust sizes due to the evils of the metric system? Well put down that conversion calculator! Here's some artwork.

ASUKA (CV: Hitomi Harada)

Bust size 90cm. This second year student has a black ponytail and wears knee high socks. She's low on her ninja skills at present.

IKARUGA (CV: Asami Imai)

Bust size 93cm. She really does look like Phantasy Star Potable Online 2 Infinity's Nagisa character! A third year student, Ikaruga is head of the class. While normally nice, when she gets mad there's no stopping her!

KATSURAGI (CV: Yuu Kobayashi)

Bust size 95cm. This third year student likes to sexually harass cute girls. She has long blonde hair and wears her shirt with all her front buttons down. She wears a "no bra necktie" (I think you can figure out what that is from the artwork).

YAGYU (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

Bust size 85cm. Yagyu wears her hair in pigtails and has an eye patch. Although a first year student, she has excellent skill. (Note: our preview yesterday miswrote her name as Munenori.)

HIBARI (CV: Yuka Iguchi)

Bust size 80cm. This first year student works hard but causes a lot of problems.

Famitsu.com provided the character art today along with lots and lots of screenshots.

Regarding the game's side scrolling action component, pictured above, the site says that you'll make use of dashes, double jumps and aerial combos to slash away at your foes. Each girl has unique abilities.

As detailed yesterday, the game makes use of the system's 3D capabilities for cinematic cut-ins showing off the various parts of the girls, like so:

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