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Chase Paparazzi, Visit Love Hotels and Play Shmups in Gachitora.

Spike packs its new PSP title with some peculiar mini games.


That is the face of Gachitora main character Torao Kaji when a paparazzi won't stop messing with one of his students.

Torao is out to help his students solve their problems, and this one student is apparently being targeted by the paparazzi. To help the student out, you'll have to chase and capture the offender, avoiding all the obstacles that get in your way.

This is just one of the many mini games in Gachitora.

Here's another. To help one of your students get rid of her shyness, you've taken a video of her and posted it on the internet. As you watch the video, messages will scroll across the screen Nico Nico style. You've got to press the buttons corresponding to the most embarrassing comments.

If you thought that one was forbidden territory for a teacher, here's a mini game that involves the mother of one of your students and a love hotel. You'll need to lead the mom to the hotel, responding to her questions along the way. And once you get there...

This last mini game is a bit more traditional. Helping one of your students solve his problem requires that you play a shooting game called Star Challenger. You've got to aim for the high score!

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