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Keiji Inafune and Compile Heart Team Up to Promote Neptune Mk-II

The former Capcom great puts on his most colorful shirt and gets ready to answer your questions.


Keiji Inafune is CEO of two startups. But he still has time for the fans. Not his fans though... fans of Compile Heart!

Inafune is going to be responding to reader questions as part of a collaboration with Compile Heart for the recently announced PlayStation 3 parody RPG Super Dimensional Game Neptune Mk-II. The collaboration is called "Keiji Inafune's Super Dimensional Life Consultation."

To take part, visit the promotion site and fill out all the required fields. Put your question or concern in the bottom field. With any luck, Inafune will give you some much needed advice.

Bonus points if you choose to ask Inafune how this promotion has anything to do with the Neptune sequel.

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