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Bomberman Goes Social on GREE

Collect keys while engaging in bomber battles with friends.


Bomberman is getting some social elements in its latest installment. Hudson (yes, "Hudson" and not "Konami") released Bomberman for GREE today on the popular GREE mobile social gaming platform. As with most GREE titles, the game is free to play, but players can choose to purchase items.

The basics of the game appear to be the same as the Bomberman of old. You face off against other players in overhead bombing matches, making use of special items. The "social" component here is that you're wagering keys with other players. Win a match, and you'll get a key which can be used to open a "Bomber Box" containing "character pawn."

You can also become "Bomb Friends" with other players. When you become a Bomb Friend with another player, your stats will rise and you'll receive other bonuses. You'll also get a "login" bonus, in the form of a special character pawn, when the other player logs in.

Visit Hudson's PDF press release for screens.

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