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Kinect Caravan Tours Japan During Golden Week

Microsoft readies a special car and some special models to promote hands free gaming.


Microsoft will be putting those sweet Kinect trucks to use after all! The company announced today that it will be taking Kinect and the special kinect caravan car on a nationwide tour during the Golden Week holiday period.

You might recall having seen this vehicle at this site on the morning of March 11. That's when Microsoft detailed the "Kinect Experience Caravan Car Event," a nationwide Kinect tour that was to begin in Hiroshima on the 19th. The Tohoku earthquake struck later that day, and Microsoft expectedly cancelled the tour the following week.

The tour's new incarnation will kick off on the 29th at the Girls Award by CROOZ blog 2011 Spring/Summer event in Tokyo. Over the coming days, it will travel through Japan, all the way down to Hiroshima and Fukuoka.

Attendees will get to sample Dance Central, Fighters Uncaged and Kinect Sports. Special guests at the Tokyo installment include models Mina Asakura, Sara Sato and Rina Nagasaki. The three girls will demonstrate Dance Central.

See the event page for a specific schedule.

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