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Atlus Plans Continued Developments for Catherine

Company aims for 300,000 units of adult-oriented adventure. Major social gaming support on the way this year.

We could be seeing more of Catherine in the future.

Atlus and parent company Index are aiming for 300,000 units sold for Catherine, CEO Yoshimi Ogawa revealed during an investors briefing that was held in Tokyo on the 14th. The game sold 250,000 units as of the end of February.

As reported at Impress Watch, Ogawa said that she hopes to develop a variety of content business opportunities for Catherine, which she called Atlus' next new IP to follow Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey. She did not share specifics.

Catherine wasn't the big Atlus game mentioned at the briefing, though. That honor went to Demon's Soul, which has shipped around 500,000 units in North America. Although Demon's Souls was published in Japan by Sony, Atlus released the US version.

Ogawa also restated the company's stance on social games. Index will be actively pursuing the social games market this year, she said, having producers of popular games and anime collaborate on delivering games.

She did not give specifics, but a chart shown at the event had the following social game lineup schedule:

  • April: Popular RPG, Popular anime game
  • May: Puzzle game, Popular anime game
  • June: Popular simulation game
  • July: Popular RPG, Popular anime game
  • August: Famous movie game, Puzzle game

Atlus has developed social versions of many of its big properties, including Persona 3 Social on GREE and Mobagetown and Devil Hunter Zero on GREE. Devil Hunter now has 1.35 million users.

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