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Visit the New Andriasang.com Gallery Pages

More easily navigate through screens and artwork for your favorite Japanese games.


The Andriasang.com image pages have been given a slight refresh. The changes affect image pages both in articles and in galleries.

See the changes for yourself in these samples:

(For the articles, you'll need to click on an image to be taken to the image viewer.)

Be on the lookout for the following features:

1. On the main gallery view pages (the page where you see all the thumbnails) you can now select your thumbnail size between small, normal and large. Select via the menu in the upper right of the page.

Anoop recommends using the large size thumbnails.

2. Image pages show more thumbnails at the top.

3. Below images, you'll find information about the image, including posting date, original image size and item relations. You can usually go down here to see what game is shown in the screenshot, in case you forget for some reason.

4. Comments are now shown on all image pages. The comments are shared with the main gallery or article, so comments you post on a single image will be shown throughout the whole gallery.

5. You can switch between normal and "full" size views for images. Full size shows the image in full resolution, expanding the page accordingly (which some seem to find annoying). Normal size shrinks the image down to fit the page. You'll find the toggle next to the image resolution in the lower left area.

The normal size view is actually quite a bit smaller than the page's dimensions (that's how narrow the pages used to be!), but I'll be fixing this shortly.

6. Here's a feature that I at present rarely use. In some pics, you can move your mouse over the characters to get a little window showing who the character is. Try it out in the above stories.

The gallery pages are fully viewable in Japanese and English, so be sure and tell your smoking hot Japanese lady friends!

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