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Wii Momotaro Dentetsu Cancelled Due to Earthquake

Creator Akira Sakuma decides to cancel production because drawing affected areas is difficult.

From Sakuma's blog.

The Tohoku earthquake has claimed another game. Development on Wii's Momotaro Dentetsu 2012 has been cancelled, series creator Akira Sakuma revealed today.

Momotaro Dentetsu is one of Hudson's most popular and long running franchises. A digital board game that some compare to Monopoly, players travel about Japan attempting to build wealth by buying up property.

In a blog post, Sakuma said that doing artwork for the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami was difficult. It would also be strange to have things from the affected areas appear in the game as if nothing had happened.

The decision to cancel the game was finalize in a meeting with Hudson's new CEO, Kazuhiko Uehara, and some representatives from Konami in Kyoto on the 15th.

Sakuma previously made a post at his blog saying that he'd retire of Konami had him make drastic changes to the series.

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