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Pandora's Tower -- Second Hand Impressions

It's very possible that someone died (or was cursed to eat raw beast meat) to deliver these early impressions of Nintendo's new Wii action RPG.

Ceres before she becomes cursed to turn into beast form.

Someone has managed to get his dirty hands (actually, they're probably clean -- the Japanese tend to be clean) on Nintendo's upcoming Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower, and he delivered impressions at his blog.

The impressions have been removed (Iwata stopped laughing!!!), but there were a few additional bits beyond what you can see in our article archive, so here's a quick recap thanks to the magic of caching.

As previously detailed, Pandora's Tower puts players in control of Ende, who's out to rid his friend Ceres of a curse that threatens to slowly turn her into beast form. In the comments in some of our past stories, some have remarked that Ceres is quite the cutie. Well don't expect that to last! Apparently, when you see Ceres in the game, she'll begin to assume beastlike properties, looking quite pathetic according to the blogger.

The action component gave the writer the impression of Zelda, possibly because Ende uses a sword and chain, but also because the fields have a puzzle component to them. Also, the chain reminded the writer of Zelda's hook shot.

Ende makes use of a sword and chain to battle the beasts in the towers that serve as the game's areas of play.

The chain is used here by aiming and firing with the Wiimote. It appears to be quite a versatile item. Joining your sword, you can use it to attack enemies. You can also use it to swing from spot to spot, grab enemies and swing them around, and move switches. The chain is also used to grab the flesh off beasts, which the writer says looks a bit grotesque.

Ceres has to eat the beast meat Ende recovers for her in order to cure her curse. Interestingly, the characters in the game are of a race of non meat eaters. Poor Ceres.

What happens if you don't get Ceres her much needed beast flesh in time? The writer says that it seems she might transform too far into beast form. Based off the impressions, though, it's unclear if this is part of the story or if there's actually a time limit in the stage and exceeding this time limit will bring up a game over screen showing Ceres turn into a beast.

The game will apparently have multiple endings. You'll be able to make some sort of selections as you play, leading to different endings. (Hopefully one takes Ceres back to her original cute form).

Non meat eater Ceres has to eat beast meat... and raw too!

Like what you're reading here? You won't have to wait too long for more on Pandora's Tower. The game is due for release on May 26, so we can probably expect weekly updates from Nintendo.

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