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Tales of Xillia Has a Butler

Latest character reveal for PS3 RPG.

Our next character following Elise (hiding).

Atelier Meruru isn't the only upcoming RPG with a butler. This week's Jump has a first look at a butler character in Tales of Xillia.

The latest character for the PS3 RPG is Rowen J Ilbert, a Mutsumi Inomata design. Rowen is voiced by Mughito.

A 62-year-old butler in the high class Sharl family, Rowen always has a calm demeanor about him. In tense moments, he'll use humor to calm things down.

Rowen will fight alongside you during battle. He's a specialist at long distance spirit-based attacks, but can also use his saber for close attacks.

Because I'm sure you want to know, Rowen is 175cm tall.

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