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Latest Final Fantasy Type-0 Character Details

More on Cid, Rem and Machina as the Fabula Nova Crystallis PR cycle begins again!

There's Rem and her dual daggers.

The familiar cycle of Fabula Nova Crystallis coverage is beginning again. V Jump has a look at Final Fantasy Type-0 this week. Jump's look will be followed by Dengeki (and presumably Famitsu as well) next week. Dengeki is even promising a cover for the game, so we can hopefully expect lots of details.

V Jump has details on characters and gameplay this week. The character information has leaked out a bit in advance.

The magazine has followup looks at Machina and Rem. We've previously been introduced to these two characters (see this story), who have a special position in the game's setting.

Jump reveals their voice actors, full names and weapons. Machina, fully Machina Kunagiri, is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya and makes use of a "Bolt Rapier," a dual sword. Rem, fully Rem Tokimiya, is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi and makes use of dual daggers.

The magazine also provides a closer look at Cid, high commander of the invading country of Milites. Fully Cid Oldstein, Cid is voiced by Shuichiro Moriyama. He hopes to acquire the crystals held by each of the world's four nations.

A two month old poster showing Rem and Machina.

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