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Imageepoch Has Ten More Games in Development

Studio's first self-published JRPG, Final Promise Story, hits next week. Get the latest from CEO Ryoei Mikage.

Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage.

Imageepoch's first self-published RPG, Final Promise Story, sees PSP release next week. It will apparently be the first of many titles from the experienced developer and new publisher.

To commemorate the game's upcoming release, Imageepoch held a pre-release talk event at Shinjuku Loft on Monday. Reporting from the event, Famitsu.com quoted CEO Ryoei Mikage as saying the studio has around ten more titles in development to follow Final Promise Story.

Mikage did not share specific names, but we've already heard of a few additional Imageepoch titles, including Black Rock Shooter and Chevalier Saga Tactics, along with some games that are currently operating just under project names like Ark Project, Mars Project, Remus Project and Type-Moon x Imageepoch. Imageepoch is also working with Sega on an unannounced RPG.

For details from last November, see this story.

Other points mentioned about Final Promise Story during last night's event:

  • The game has some unique systems, making its difficulty high. Players will need to use a high level of strategy during combat.
  • Mikage wanted to make an RPG as difficult as an 80s PC game. He wanted the game to be harder than any other RPG he's played recently.
  • The game has an easy mode for beginners. Playing this will allow you to more easily progress if you'd like to experience the story.
  • When playing normal difficulty mode, getting through the entire game with all your characters living will be difficult.

Regarding that last area, one of Final Promise Story's most unique systems is how it handles death. There are two types of death in battle. A character can become incapable of combatting (this would be like dying in other RPGs) or he can become Lost, meaning he's gone forever. The former type of death results when your character loses all his HP. The Lost type of death results when your character loses all his SP. You begin losing SP when you incur damage from enemies after your HP has dropped to zero. SP also depletes when you use special attacks.

Making a character be Lost can be part of your strategy. Just before becoming Lost, a character will perform a special self sacrifice move, which deals great damage to the enemies. When facing off against a powerful boss, sacrificing one of your characters is one possible strategy.

The special sacrifice move is known as "Miracle of Illia". You can see it in motion in this story.

Final Promise Story.

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