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Retailer Lists Senran Kagura For August

3DS heats up with original sexy ninja action game from MMV this Summer.


Retailer animate has posted a listing for Marvelous Entertainment's naughty Senran Kagura. The listing has the game flagged with an August release period.

This is Senran Kagura, in case you haven't been keeping up:

MMV has thus far only committed to Summer, so it's unclear if this is a slip up or if the date is actually some time in August. (Incidentally, a "Summer" release date usually means between June and August).

Because I've got nothing else to say, here are some comparison pics showing how closely one of the game's busty heroines, Ikaruga, resembles Phantasy Star Online Portable 2 Infinity's Nagisa.

Not totally similar, but at the very least an S-Video/Composite level of similarity.

You'll find all official Senran Kagura screens and artwork in our Senran Kagura image gallery.

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