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Check Out Namco Bandai's Treasure Report

Commercials, promotional videos, a web anime and more for the Laytonish adventure.


Namco Bandai gathered the press yesterday in central Tokyo for a press conference where it made some very Professor Laytonish announcements for its Professor Laytonish DS title Treasure Report.

You can see pics from the event at your favorite Japanese language site: 4Gamer, Famitsu.com, Impress Watch.

Treasure Hunter combines mystery and puzzle solving. Players work through a dramatic mystery that follows main characters John and Emily, respectively a journalist and cameraman at Central Newspaper, in the 19th century. The two are in pursuit of an inheritance left behind by some dead rich dude. The game promises unique puzzles as you investigate locals for clues.

You can get the basics of the game in these slides that were distributed at the event.

(The little kid and dog are Nino and Puchi. These mysterious characters appear before John and Emily during their adventure).

The big news from the press conference is the game's voice cast, which consists of Hiroshi Tamaki as John, Asami Mizukawa as Emily and adorable little Karin Ono as Nino. Here's everyone and their in-game counterparts:

Namco Bandai also shared a bunch of videos for the game yesterday, including a promotional video, a couple of commercials, and the first volume in a web anime that serves as a prologue to the game. Have a look here.


COMMERCIAL -- Live Action Version

COMMERCIAL -- Anime Version

Web Anime -- Episode Zero Vol.1

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