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Mega Man Legends 3: Something Going Down on April 21

Capcom promising major announcement during live Nico Nico broadcast later this week.

The revamped Mega Man Legends 3 site promises a major announcement for Thursday.

Mark the date and time: April 21 at 21:00. Something related to Mega Man Legends 3 is gong to be announced on that day on Nico Nico Video's live "Game Time" broadcast.

The newly revamped Legends 3 official site provided notice about the announcement today. The page says to expect a "major notice" during the broadcast.

You can watch Game Time here. You'll need to register for a free Nico Nico account in advance.

It looks like Capcom has some big things planned for Legends 3 shortly. The revamped official site, which still just links to the Dev Room development blog, promises a full official site opening shortly.

Perhaps Capcom will be taken the full veil off Legends 3 later this week?

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