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More Mega Man Legends 3 Development Pics

3DS title development progressing. Major announcement coming this week.


Capcom last provided a glimpse at development progress for Mega Man Legends 3 early last month. Have a look here.

Director Masakazu Eguchi returned to the game's development blog today with a post showing additional development shots. Here's a look, along with a summary of what Eguchi said.

October 2010 Test

This test was for making a massive city environment:

November 2010

Test of the change between day and night:

Early December 2010

A test map for making art resources. The basic design direction had solidified by this point:

At this point, dungeon artwork was also progressing:

Mid December 2010

The model for the Teomo city was also coming to form. This image is meant to show how big the map is. The arrow points to a person:

Of course, this is way too big, so they adjusted it down.

Late December 2010

After adjusting they size of the city, they began packing it with content. Initially, models and textures had the rough form shown in the images below. Even at the current point in development, everything is rough, but they're gradually adding in the details.

Closing off this post, Eguchi promised a big announcement for the next post. This presumably has something to do with this notice.

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