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Andriasang Database Pages Now Show Screenshots

All the screens and artwork for your favorite games!


The Andriasang.com database pages have been updated with an "Image" tab. Click the tab to see screens and artwork for games.

It looks something like this:

Here are some sample pages:

The image viewing system is the same that you see on the site's gallery pages, complete with selectable thumbnail size. Because images are uploaded at different times and dates, I've set it up to list the upload date next to the thumbnails.

In general, the image pages will only display officially released media. I'm probably not going to be putting up things that are watermarked by Famitsu.com or whatever unless that's the only media available for a game (like with Doki Doki Suikoden).

Going along with this change, I've updated the database index page so that you can more easily see when new media is available for a game.

The index page is now organized by date. Under each date, you'll see every game that has been updated on that day along with a mini list of updates like "article," "images," or "link," depending on the type of update. (Note: "links" are only used for the Japanese side of the site at present.)

It's very likely that I'll be adding media for lesser games where I've got nothing to write that would warrant a gallery or article or where I haven't had time to write a story just yet (for example, these wacky Nichijou screens), so you'll want to check the database index page every day to see if new screens have been added.

Remember to tell a friend, especially if she's smoking hot and Korean.

Here are a couple of points about the image pages that you probably don't want to know (although I bet your hot Korean friend would want to know!):

There are some repeat images -- that is to say, instances where I uploaded the same image twice. In some cases, this was purposeful as a higher resolution version was released later. In other cases, I just didn't check before uploading. (And in other cases, look closely and you'll see that two similar screenshots are actually from different versions of the game, as in these Dragon's Dogma screens).


The image database has 83,000 or so images. Of these, only 21,000 or so are showing in the database pages. The other ones are either pics of games whose pages aren't public yet (most of the game database is not public for various reasons), pics with the aforementioned Famitsu.com tags, pics that were just added for use in articles, or pics of voice actors that I was asked to take down because you apparently have to get permission before putting them up.

Among the images, 1,000 or so have positional information. You can scroll your mouse over them to see who the characters are. When an image has positional information, you'll see a notice in the upper left of the image. (See Atelier Meruru for some examples).

There's currently no way to sort the images. This will hopefully change soon... because it would be unfortunate if people were left with the impression that Dynasty Warriors 7 is a game about keychains.

I bet Dynasty Warriors Mini would sell millions!

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